Do drone escs and fcs need the same firmware

do drone escs and fcs need the same firmware

do drone escs and fcs need the same firmware

 · Most FCs can calibrate ESCs during setup, but for Naza you needed to do this seperately (hence info above to do with a receiver, however you have no easy way to know if -116% is correct 1000ms for your tx/rx combination, so I had best results doing this with servo testers which show pulse width on display - video here shows this ) 2. Firmware differences, different firmware may react …

 · Here is a list of FCs that we recommend. Has ESCs that run BLHeli. Here is a list of ESCs that we recommend. Betaflight / KISS / Cleanflight – Pick your poison. One decision you’ll need to make is what firmware you want to flash on your flight controller in the first place. If you’re following along with our guides, we highly suggest you flash BetaFlight. If you choose to go with ...

When the drone is flying forward (moving through “free air”), the load is actually smaller, so the amp draw is lower. In addition, the FC always leaves a little throttle headroom to stabilize the copter, so you will never actually see 100% of your motors capability.

Like everything else in drones, the ESCs continue to evolve and adapt to the demands of the pilots. ESCs play a crucial role in the performance of the drone, therefore the ESCs hardware continues to improve. There are a few basic types of ESCs available. Most ESCs on the market are controlled by onboard 32-bit processors, running firmware called BLHeli_32 (pronounced B L Heli 32) or KISS. As ...

But in the world of quads we really don’t need ESC’s with BEC as the power necessities like powering a VTx or powering a camera is taken care of a dedicated PDB (power distribution board) or PDB integrated into the FC’s. The ESC’s lacking a BEC tend to be much less noisy, lighter and smaller in size.

 · Just for the record. i ran into some issues flashing the latest dshot firmware onto my esc's, not all of the status lights would flash during the process. after trying all the different advice i got, the one about plugging in AFTER you have pressed flash seemed to do the trick. although i have to admit, i am still unable to get full confirmation in the GUI. see image. but all lights stay on ...

What else do I need to know? In BLHeliSuite, there is no specific ESC config need to be changed other than flashing firmware ; PPM_Min and PPM_Max are now disabled for DShot, as the end-points are fixed, and ESC calibration isn’t needed anymore; In Betaflight, min_command and max_throttle are ignored with D-Shot; digital_idle_percent replaces min_throttle; unsynced_motor_output is removed ...

 · See (5) above for how to do this. Here you will configure motor direction and PPM values for your 4th ESC. See (5) above for how to do this. Once all configurations are done (or when exiting the BLHeli Configurator program, e.g. for checking motor direction), click “Write Setup” to save your settings to all 4 ESCs.

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