How to download audio from tumblr

how to download audio from tumblr

how to download audio from tumblr

 · 2. Go to 3. Right-click the audio you want to save. 4. Click Inspect Element or Inspect. 5. Click the Network tab. 6. Right-click on the audio data. 7. Click Open in New Tab. 8. Right-click and select Save As....

This Tumblr audio downloader works terrificly with Chrome browser, and you need to add it to your browser extensions before using this utility. Then play any music post from Tumblr and a hit “Click to download” button will appear. You need to right click this button and select “Save link as” to save the audio file to local drive.

 · Go to the Tumblr website and search for audio you would like to download. Navigate to that Tumblr audio and start to play it. If the software has recognized audio, the icon will blink yellow a few times. You can download Tumblr to MP3 or any format available.

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, then browse to an audio post in your timeline. Click the “ChromeTaster” icon in the top tool bar, then reload the page. The audio post now includes a “Click to Download” button. Click the button, then save the MP3 file to your computer.

So, hover to the content on Tumblr site where the audio post is located and click on the TumTaster chrome icon on the top. Now different down options will be shown, where you can find the download link to save different MP3 audios located on the current page. Just follow the link and save the music or audio mp3 which you like to download.

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