How to update firmware on iphone 8

how to update firmware on iphone 8

how to update firmware on iphone 8

Mac: Hold the "option" button and click "Check for update / Restore iPhone". Select "update" to save internal user data in the iPhone. Select "restore iPhone" will erase all data in the iPhone. When it pops up "select the firmware", please select the firmware you downloaded. Click ok and star to Check for update / Restore iPhone. Wait for a few minutes until the iPhone finishes the restoration, …

 · Find My iPhone; Delete Apps; Firmware Change/Update; News; Check IMEI; Back Up …

 · Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update. Tap Download and Install. If a message asks to temporarily remove apps because the software needs more space for the update, …

1. Turn your iPhone on and connect it to your computer with the USB cable. 2. Launch iTunes. 3. Select the name of your iPhone in DEVICES on the left menu in the iTunes window. 4. Click the Check for Update button under Version on the main screen. 5. A dialog box will appear if a new firmware version is available asking if you wish to download the update and/or install.

Once an iPhone has been updated, it cannot be downgraded/rolled back to the older version because Apple stops signing the older versions. Your iPhone will restart during the update. You will see the Apple logo and a progress bar under it to indicate an update is in progress. This is normal. The Apple logo may remain on your screen for quite some time. Don’t worry. Never disconnect the iPhone ...

iPhone will restart two times while updating the new iOS. So, don’t press any key and just wait for the update to get complete. Install new iOS firmware on iPhone. If you already have the latest firmware file of an iPhone, you can skip this part. Download IPSW File. To download a new iOS firmware …

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